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Poetry - Okay, really they are Verses, making me a Versifier, or even a Poetaster, depending on your point of view

I have declared myself a non-poet. I am sensible enough to realise that what I do is not poetry but verse, and I have found the official word for me, Versifier. But Google (or any other preferred search engine) Poetaster as well. Two great words that should be taught at school:





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Halloween 2015 Poems - Watch them on YouTube here

Halloween 2015 Poems - 6 Poems for Halloween, free download here


'Samples for the Conductor' is now published in the Kindle format and available online from Amazon. 16 Humourous verses, with an extra 5 thrown in free, I have published it to try and raise some funds for the local hospice, so please buy and leave some feedback.

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A series I am working on for Children:



Here is a PDF of the verses I wrote during FantasyCon 2012. They were written during the panels and I have since given them a quick polish. Feel free to use them, but if you do please let me know.

The FantasyCon 2012 Verses by AJ Noon



This piece was an entry for a walking magazine competition. The theme was to show why you enjoy walking.

Take a map and find a route,

  Try starting your walk in heather,

Watch your step as you place your boot,

  Especially in inclement weather


A tor is good, a gorge is fine,

  Though for me a forest beats these,

Or striding by a railway line,

  Watching birds, and cattle, and bees


Lunchtime nears and my stomach calls,

  An old inn appears by the path,

Steak and ale lie inside those walls,

  Whilst my boots steam dry on the hearth


Then back outside, alongside a stream,

  And over a Pooh Sticks bridge,

Past fishers of trout and freshwater bream,

  Ignoring the bite from a midge


Reaching the peak is when my heart soars,

  With a view of our kingdom of walks,

Dappled mountain lakes, far misty shores,

  And perfect rows of corn stalks


So when you roam, however you feel,

  Set out with your boots laced tight,

Waterproofs, compass, map and meal,

  And you’ll finish feeling delight.














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