AJ Noon 


I am working on a couple of novels at the moment,

more to follow...













Always put your work away for a couple of weeks, then bring it out fresh. It cam make for an eye-opening re-read and can help you to spot flaws you thought were ironed out.

Read your work out loud when you can, this helps you to gauge the flow, and can also help pull out errors.

If you can't write, either through block or cicumstances, then do a crossword or other word games. The more words you have around you the more you have to use. Don't be snobbish about crosswords either, it doesn't matter if it is the Times crossword or the Sun tea-break quickie, as long you are throwing words at your brain.

Remember, friends and family may be too eager to please and may not always give constructive criticism. Writers groups, either online or in person, are very benefecial, especially if you are still finding your voice.