AJ Noon 

Hot air balloons over the Nile (c) AJ Noon

About A.J. Noon

Now living back in the Portsmouth (UK) area, which is far too flat for my rambling tastes, and trying to juggle the balls that will give me the writing time I want.

Managed to retire from I.T. to work on my writing, and you can find me in the Historic Dockyard, in particular on HMS Victory - come and see me if you want some tales.

Favourite authors (in no particular order) include Jeff Noon (no relation), Raymond E. Feist, Tolkein, Peter F. Hamilton, Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, William Gibson, H.P. Lovecraft, James Herbert, John Wyndham and Terry Pratchett.

Writing Résumé

2019 - The Trafalgar Times founded and launched

2019 - Performed at Entry to the Underworld (YouTube)

2019 - Performed at The Valentine's Day Massacre (YouTube)

2018 - Performed at Day of the Dead IV (YouTube)

2018 - Performed at The Cauldron of Darkness (YouTube)

2018 - Portsmouth University - Creative Writing M.A.

2018 - Performed at The Valentine's Day Massacre (YouTube)

2017 - 'A Little Bit of (a) Creep' Published

2017 – ‘Hauling Fire’ published in Dreamtime Dragons

2017 – Performed at Vic-Story-Ous 2017 (Youtube)

2017 – Performed at The Valentine’s Day Massacre (YouTube)

2017 – Performed at Premature Articulation 2 (YouTube)

2016 – ‘Meek Inheritance’ published in ‘Day of the Dead’

2016 – Performed at Day of The Dead IV, The Square Tower, Portsmouth

2016 – Performed at Premature Articulation, Portsmouth

2015 – Performed at Day of The Dead III, The Square Tower, Portsmouth

2014 – ‘Samples for the Conductor’, a poetry pamphlet, available from Amazon for eBooks.

2014 – Helped organise The Word 3, a day for writers in Lancashire.
2014 - A mixed year. A couple of shortlists, lots of life in the way

2013 - Assistant organiser of The Word 2, a day for writers in Lancashire
2013 - Pomfret Cup, Preston Poets Society - 2nd with 'The Darkening Mind'
2013 - Piece on LeftinPreston.co.uk

2013 -Vice-Chairman of Chorley and District Writers Association
2013 -
Reader’s Digest and Chambers Britain’s Best Loved Word
2013 - Organiser of the PNE Youth Poetry Competition
2012 - Founding member and assistant organiser of The Word, a day for writers in Lancashire
          First Prize

2012 - Lancashire Writing Hub Flash Fiction 100 Words
2011 - Get Walking Autumn Poetry Competition
          First Prize

Favourite Place

Karnak, Egypt
An absolutely amazing place.
The balloon ride at dawn over the Nile (left) is also a stunning experience.


Not Quick, but I try
1/2 - 2 hrs 7 mins 30s
10K - 54 mins 35s
5K - 26m 04s



I don't want to name a preferred charity, but have a look at Kiva as they do something interesting with your money.

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