AJ Noon 

Writing Exercises

Group - A3 Questions

A really good one for groups to do - Everyone gets a sheet of A3 and writes a single sentence about their plot/character in the centre. The sheets are then pinned up around the room and everyone is given half an hour to wander round the sheets and add questions to the sheets.

They are only allowed to ask questions, and they can question other people's questions.

I found it a really good way to get extra ideas and thoughts about my plot and characters

Here is my example

Solo/Group - Five Facts

Take five facts and give everyone 2 minutes to free write on each fact. You need a timer for this (and keep the facts short). Read the first fact, give them two minutes, read the next fact, two minutes, and so on. Don't allow time for a breather between the facts, the whole thing should take two minutes. Ideally your writers should be aiming for at least six lines (and using more than a word a line!).

Apparently this one works really well with groups of children.

Here is my sample


Here I am putting some of the exercises I have come across in various workshops and groups that I have particularly enjoyed and found effective.